Nutrition Workshop with Jennifer Broxterman

As part of our COACH Program this season at CheerStrike, Jennifer Broxterman, the founder of NutritionRx will be presenting a special two hour workshop to our COACH participants. While she presents to them in person, YOU can gain access to this workshop virtually by purchasing a ticket for $20.00.

Jennifer will be presenting about

  • how young athletes could be eating in order to optimize their growth and success in sport;
  • how to think positively about your relationship with food;
  • and how to fuel yourself with healthy food – leading to a healthy lifestyle.

We strongly encourage entire families to watch this important workshop together since eating is a FAMILY AFFAIR!!!

When: Saturday, October 16th, 5:00-7:00pm

Who: COACH program participants will view the workshop in person, ALL OTHER   CHEERSTRIKE FAMILIES can purchase virtual access to the workshop

How: Click HERE to order your ticket

What: Your $20.00 will buy you a virtual copy of this workshop, to be watched at your own convenience

Where does your money go?: As part of the COACH program, the participants will be raising funds throughout the season. They will be choosing a charity as a group to be the recipient of all money raised. This workshop is their first fundraising event.

What’s the COACH Program? Check it out by clicking here



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