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Phone: 519-474-0101
M-Th: 5pm-9pm, Fri: 5pm-8pm
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All Star Cheer

Our Royal Competitive Program

All Star Cheer truly offers a team for EVERYONE, from beginners to experienced athletes of all ages we've got a team for you! With multiple teams at each age level we ensure that athletes are placed on teams that are both skill and age appropriate.

NOVICE TEAMS for beginner athletes

PREP TEAMS for intermediate athletes

ALL STAR TEAMS for advanced athletes

U6 CHEER for athletes 6 years old and under (Born 2017-2020)

U8 CHEER for athletes 8 years old and under (Born 2015-2016)

U12 CHEER for athletes 12 years old and under (Born 2011-2014)

U16 CHEER for athletes 16 years old and under (Born 2007-2012)

U18 CHEER for athletes 18 years old and under (Born 2005-2006)

OPEN CHEER for athletes 18 years old+ (Born 2008 or earlier)

ALL STAR CHEER is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in North America. Children fall in love with the challenge of skill and routine building, the bond they form with their teammates and the performance nature of competitions.

As an official sport, we are governed by Cheer Canada

All Star Rules and Judging in Canada are governed by the IASF

Interested in joining All Star Cheer and the Royal Family?

Group team placement sessions for Season 11 are now completed. We have available spots on a few of our teams for Season 11. If you are interested in booking an individual assessment please contact the gym at

Have questions about our program? Contact us today:

@Cheer Strike Royals on Facebook,

@CS_Royals on Instagram and Twitter


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