2020-2021 Gym Closures

The Gym will be closed on the following dates, please note that additional discretionary closures may occur on competition weekends-these will be communicated on a case by case basis:

Summer Closures:
Wednesday, July 1st
Monday August 3rd


Over the summer we offer a family friendly practice schedule. As of September 9th, all practices become mandatory. Please ensure that you review gym closures and plan any vacations accordingly. Any absence during the regular season may result in an athlete’s position or role on the team changing. Every team member plays a vital role on his or her team; therefore attendance is necessary for our teams to be successful throughout the season. Athletes and parents will be given an attendance contract at their team meetings and attendance expectations will be reviewed at that time. Please note that the three weeks leading up to a competition are absence and participation black-out dates. Any absences or lack or participation during those practices will result in routine changes AND may lead to athletes not being permitted to compete.