Investing in our Staff

At CheerStrike we invest in our staff in order to continue offering the best possible cheer training experience for our clients. No matter how long we’ve been coaching, or how many championships we win – there is always something to learn!


This season all CheerStrike Coaches are members of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation. To receive membership with the OCF, all staff had to complete a Police background check and the following courses:

  • Respect in Sport


  • Safe Sport

  • Leading a Return to Sport Participation

  • Keeping Girls in Sport

  • Making Headway in Sport (concussions)

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Commit to Kids Training

ICU Black Medallion credentialing

All CheerStrike Team Coaches have completed Credentialing through the International Cheer Union, including:

  • Level Novice/1
  • Level Intermediate/2
  • Level Median/3
  • Level Advanced/4
  • Level Elite/5

FIRST AID TRAINING & ROWAN’S LAW We are proud to say that all our staff are First Aid trained and educated in Rowan’s Law. CheerStrike has ensured that all staff are trained in how to respond to a possible concussion and the procedure that must be followed for a safe return to the sport.




We were happy to send all our coaches to this year’s Spring Virtual Coaching Conference. The CSR Coaches were able to learn from the best in the fields of choreography, stunting, jumps, tumbling and coaching.



MENTAL BLOCKS with Natascha Wesch

Natascha is a sports psychologist, working at Western, that spent an evening with the CSR coaches, sharing her wealth of experience with, and knowledge of mental blocks in sport. We learned about what causes mental blocks in young athletes and the best strategies for helping them regain their skills through safe and slow progression, paired with supportive and positive thinking.

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