1195 Gainsborough Road, Unit 12
London Ontario Canada N6H 5L5
Phone: 519-474-0101
M-Th: 5pm-9pm, Fri: 5pm-8pm
Sat: 9am-2pm, Sun: 9am-7pm

The Royal Court

Check out our incredible team behind the teams. These beautiful Royal coaches are the heart, soul and brains behind all the success we’ve had at CheerStrike. We are proud of the coaches these former athletes have become and the role models they are for our entire Royal Family. Their passion and love of our sport and their athletes is evident every single day; we truly have the best staff!

Want to be a Royal Coach?

If you are passionate about the sport of cheer and the development of young athletes contact us today! We're always looking for experienced, hard working, dedicated, and creative coaches and instructors for the many programs that run out of the CheerStrike Palace. Send us your resume today!

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