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CheerStrike Royals - London Cheerleading



Welcome to CheerStrike Royals Inc.  We’re thrilled you’ve stopped by. Take a look around our website and learn about the variety of programs we offer at our facility. We look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact on your child and your family. At CheerStrike Royals Inc., we are passionate about 2 things:  (1) the sport of cheer and providing high quality training in all things cheer - tumbling, recreational and competitive cheer,  (2) creating a youth sport experience for our athletes and families that surpasses all previous expectations in training, communication, coaching, competition and team building.

Our Passion is the Sport of Cheer

Our passion for cheer can easily be seen and felt the moment you walk into our beautiful cheer gym at 1195 Gainsborough Road, Unit 12 London, Ontario.  Classes are scheduled for all age groups with your convenience in mind as we know that it’s only with the support of their parents, that our athletes can truly shine.

Give us a call!

We’d truly love to meet you.  Call 519-474-0101 and we will set up a tour of our facilities and an evaluation with one of our professional coaches at your earliest convenience. Cheer has changed all of our lives for the better here at CheerStrike Royals Inc. – whether you’re looking for a fun activity or are interested in the competitive side of things, we have just what you’re looking for.  See you on the floor!


All Star Cheer
All Star Cheer

ROYAL COMPETITIVE CHEER TEAMS All Star Cheer truly offers a team for EVERYONE, from beginners to…

Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties



Camps Exceptional Coaching Creative and Engaging Games Unique and Accessible Crafts Exciting Group Outings Theme…


Group Clinics Clinics are the perfect way to spend a day focused on your tumbling,…

Dynasty-Special Abilities Team
Dynasty-Special Abilities Team

The goal of our Dynasty program is to open the doors to the sport of…

Group Tumbling Classes
Group Tumbling Classes

Group Tumbling Classes Group tumbling classes offer low Coach:Athlete ratios and are a great way…

Open Gym
Open Gym

Open Lane Tumbling Join us for an hour and a half of independent training under the…

Pre-Competitive Regency
Pre-Competitive Regency

Introducing Regency….Our Pre-Competitive Team

Recreational Classes
Recreational Classes

Recreational Classes A fantastic way to learn all things cheer! all classes will be non-contact…

Tumbling Lessons
Tumbling Lessons

You can reach all our Tumbling goals at CheerStrike! Covid-19 Update Important reminder for anyone…


Building Character, Creating Champions



Community, Friendship and Family

Coaches and role models like this are the reason I love the gym Mya goes to for cheer. Community, friendships and family are the top priorities for all the owners and love that this is what the athletes see on a daily basis! -Melissa

We Love Our Coaches

We love our coaches because they are wonderful role models for these young athletes. You can tell how much they care for each other & I believe they have been so successful because there is respect for each person on the team. The coaches are a reflection of the team & the team is a…

Team With Best Friends

“I have loved being on Nobility because of the bond everyone has. It is like being on a team with all of your best friends. I think we have been so successful this season because of how much love our coaches have for us and how much time and effort they out into making our…

Coaches Alina and Kelly Are Amazing

“This team has amazed me this season, they work so hard, they care so much…to see them win 1st place three times in a row gives me goosebumps and tears me up! They are a great group and coaches Alina and Kelly are amazing and it shows how much love they have for all of…

6 Year Family

Arianna has been a competitive cheer athlete with Cheerstrike for the past 6 years. During this time, I as a parent have seen not only my daughter but other athletes grow both as athletes and as individuals. We have developed lasting friendships where it has shown dedication and commitment that has gone above and beyond,…

First Year Family

This was my first year joining the Royal family, the support, encouragement and praise you give these athletes is truly amazing to watch. It is really easy to identify when someone truly has a passion for something, the coaches at Royals not only demonstrate this with their coaching ability but also watching the interactions these…

Thank You !!

Just wanted to let you know that my kids love coming here. We started with the boys bounce class and now my daughter is taking some tumbling lessons with Hailey. Love watching your athletes and seeing how hard they work! Thank you!!!

Like My Second Home

I could not have made a better decision than coming to CheerStrike last season. Although my time here was short, it will forever have an impact on me. The gym seriously feels like my second home and I am dreading the day I have to part ways with my amazing teammates and coaches. -Lexi W.

The Coaches Are Wonderful

Ever since my daughter joined the Recreational Tiny cheer program in 2016 she was hooked! The coaches are wonderful and so encouraging to little ones! They share in their successes, even the smallest achievements, which to a little girl who could be pretty shy around groups means A LOT! she’s now on a tiny team…


Having two tween girls whom we have never had in any sports or clubs let alone gymnastics or dance was making me very apprehensive on letting them become Cheer Leaders.   It took me a few years to actually let them join.   Both being fairly shy, entering CheerStrike seemed a bit nerve racking. Never,…


The COACH Program

By Jill Maloney | April 15, 2021

For season 9 we’ll be starting a new program that will help foster, educate and encourage leadership  from our future CSR coaches. From this leadership program we will choose our Season 9 coach’s helpers who will be volunteer coaches, assisting our team coaches for our U8 and U6 teams. The COACH program – standing for…

Ontario’s 2021

By Jill Maloney | April 5, 2021

Congratulations Royals on an amazing Virtual Ontario Championship! WE MISS COMPETING! We are all missing in person competition weekends this year – full of family, fun, excitement and banners 🙂 In light of what a challenging season this has been, we are so grateful that we were still able to work towards team goals and…

Season 9 Competitive Cheer Divisions

By Jill Maloney | March 29, 2021

Competitive Cheer Divisions Most people don’t realize that there are many difficulty levels within the sport of competitive cheer. At CheerStrike we truly have a team that is the right fit for anyone wanting to participate in the sport. Novice Cheer: We offer Novice teams in the age categories U6, U8 and U12 Novice teams…