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COACH Program

COACH Program

The COACH Program

Do you have dreams of one day being a CSR Coach?

Want to be a Coach’s Helper?

Are you LEADER?

The Character Of A CHampion Program is for YOU!!!


Program Rational

This program is designed to help foster and develop leadership and coaching skills in athletes aged 12 -18 (born 2010-2004). Through hands on training sessions, workshops with special guest presenters, and group projects throughout the season participants will learn valuable skills, reflect on their role as leaders at the gym, in school and with friends, and explore how they can contribute to CheerStrike’s core mission of building character and creating champions.

The Program - September 2022 to April 2023

Everyone enrolled in the COACH Program will attend a workshop every third Saturday of each month from 5:00-7:00pm. These workshops will involve the following topics:

Strong Mind/Strong Body

Health & Nutrition for Athletes

First Aid Basics

Home Grown Leaders

Social Media Literacy

Building the Leader Inside You

Diversity & Inclusion

Service in Our Community

From within the enrolled athletes in the COACH Program, we will accept applications to be considered for a Coach’s Helper position. If you are chosen to be a Coach’s Helper for one of our U6, U8 or Dynasty teams, you will also attend BONUS hands on training sessions every first Friday of September - December from 7:30-9:00pm. These will ONLY be attended by the COACH participants that are actively volunteering as a coach’s helper and they will include:

Spotting for Tumbling

Stunting Instruction

Building Connections with Athletes

Behaviour Management

Being an Effective Coach’s Helper

Choreography Tips & Tricks

Coaching Techniques

Jump/Dance Instruction

Coaches Helper Application:

Athletes who are interested in being considered for a Coaches helper position for the season must submit this application no later than Friday July 15th (applicants must be enrolled in The COACH Program to be considered). Coaches Helper Application

Cost of Program

3 payment options:

1. Pay in full on September 1st - $250 +HST


2. Three Payments on Sept 1 2022, Nov 1 2022 & Feb 1 2023 of - $91.00 +HST


3. Eight Payments on the 1st of each month of $34.00 +HST