Our Mission and Values


The CheerStrike Royals competitive cheerleading program is dedicated to building character in our athletes by fostering a positive learning environment, which encourages self-motivation, hard work, respect, and personal as well as team achievements. Our sincere goal is to create champions on and off the cheer floor through providing the opportunity to learn and practice persistence, responsibility and dedication. Our main objective is to perfect competitive cheerleading skills, create community, and build confidence in every one of our athletes.



Responsibility - Great things are achieved when all members of a team are responsible for their actions and accountable to each other.
Esteem - Children build self esteem when surrounded by adults and peers who encourage them to be their true selves and celebrate all progress, no matter how small.
Spirit - A spirit of enthusiasm for your work and teammates helps push a team past setbacks and obstacles to success.
Perseverance - Perseverance is more important than skill and talent when working towards a goal.
Excellence - A dedication to excellence becomes a habit that raises everyone up to being their absolute best at all times.
Confidence - Confidence in young children and teens will help them achieve more in school, avoid negative peer pressure, and believe in their ability to achieve.
Teamwork - On through teamwork - which involves self sacrifice, humility, trust and friendship - can all our athletes grow to be their best selves.


At CheerStrike to "Be Royal" isn't just being a great athlete, it's being a good sport, friend, teammate and community member.

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