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End of Season Showcase

We are THRILLED to be having a Showcase this year thanks to Rogers TV!!!

In a normal year we host a large Showcase at the AgriPlex for all our friends and family to have the opportunity to see our athlete’s accomplishments and performances in person, and conveniently, close to home. It is a great way to end the season and celebrate our athletes and teams.

This was going to be our second season without a proper ending to our Season thanks to the COVID pandemic restrictions.

Instead, all our teams will be featured on Rogers TV through a VIRTUAL Showcase. This way ALL of London can enjoy the talent, skill and resiliency of our amazing Royal athletes. We hope the airing of our routines will bring some joy to London and be a reminder that even with the most challenging of obstacles – we can prevail through creative problem solving, hard work, a positive outlook and support from our community.

Watch our social media for details on what day and time you’ll be able to watch on Rogers TV. Those of you with cable will be able to watch on Channel 13; those without cable can still watch by streaming it on their website.