The Different Options for Competitive Cheer

Thinking about competitive cheer for your child this year?

Let me introduce you to all your different options. We have the right program for every child that fits any families schedule and budget!

Novice Cheer is offered at CheerStrike for children ages 3-12. They are the perfect teams for beginners to get started in the exciting world of competitive cheer. It is a less expensive program with fewer hours of practice a week. Our Novice teams compete at 3 competitions a year, located within 2 hour distance from London.

Prep Cheer is offered at CheerStrike for children and teens ages 3-16. Our prep teams offer athletes more practice time and the chance to learn more advanced skills and routines. Prep teams prepare athletes for the world of all-star cheer with shorter routines and fewer requirements of elite skills. Our Prep teams compete at 6 competitions a year throughout Ontario.

All Star Cheer is offered at CheerStrike for children and teens ages 3-18. We offer teams at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 4.2. Our All Star teams are designed for athletes who have experience and elite skills in each level. They compete at 6-7 competitions a year throughout North America and have the most practice time in the gym each week.

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