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Reigning Supreme at Ontario Championships

This past weekend in Kitchener Ontario half our of our Royal Family faced tough competition and reached new heights for Season Three. The weekend started Friday evening with four of our athletes competing in Individual divisions. They all shined bright on the competition floor and made the entire Royal Family proud. Nikaya placed 2nd in the mini level 1 division, Isabella placed 1st in the mini level 2 division, Shiondra placed 1st in the youth level 3 division and Marion placed 2nd in the junior level 3 division.

On Saturday the rest of their teammates showed up ready to take their turns on the floor. Majesty had a near perfect run, then Reign started their Ontario weekend off with an inspiring clean run making them the team to beat in their division. Tiny Knights in Armour rocked the competition floor and left Saturday with a 3rd place trophy taller than most of them! Next Nobility took the floor and had a great tumbling run but with lots to improve on for day two.

Sunday was an emotional and exciting day for everyone. Each CheerStrike team that took the floor rose to the challenge and performed zero deduction runs! At awards Reign captured 1st place and becoming the first every Royal Youth level 2 team to win a major championship, bringing home a banner to share with the gym. Majesty moved from third to second place in a very tough division of mini level 2. And after an inspiring come back for Nobility they proudly accepted their fourth place finish and left with the invaluable feeling of hitting their very hard routine mistake free. Overall a very good weekend to be Royal 🙂

Next weekend Royal Highness, Divinity, Monarchs, Imperial and Empire take on Ontario at the OCF Ontario Championships! We all wish them the best of luck, we know they’ll #ownthethrone