M-Th: 5pm-9pm, Fri: 5pm-8pm, Sat: 9am-2pm, Sun: 9am-7pm


Group Clinics

Clinics are the perfect way to spend a day focused on your tumbling, stunting or jump goals.

Important NEW (COVID) Information:

  • Participants will wear masks at all times when not engaged in physical training.
  • Shoes or socks with grips on the bottom must be worn for all clinics at this time. 
  • The gym is closed to spectators. Athletes should arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of their clinic and wait outside the front door to be called in by their coach.
  • Be sure to send a full water bottle and have your athlete arrive dressed and ready to go. 
  • Ensure that each participant has their pre-screening filled out at least 1 hour before the clinic start time:  

*If you wish to provide consent for your child’s lesson coach to spot them for skills (at the discretion of the coach) please fill out this FORM. Absolutely no spotting will occur without parental consent. 

Check back for Upcoming Clincs