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Are You Holding Back your Child’s Tumbling Progress?

Coach Sahil has been a regular guest tumbling coach at the CheerStrike gym for many years. His years of experience in training tumbling make his a wealth of knowledge and skill and we always love having him.

Want to avoid being an obstacle in your child’s way to reaching their tumbling/cheering goals?

Then be sure to read his article outlining the 3 most common mistakes parents make that actually hold their child’s progress back,

We all want our children to achieve – sometimes our best intentions lead to undue pressure and stress around an activity that should be fun and rewarding.

In the article, Sahil explains why you should trust the intentions of the coaches, ask the right questions of your child and allow them to face the obstacles that truly belong to them so they can experience the joy that comes from surpassing them!

Enjoy this great read!

3 Parental Mistakes Which Are Holding Back Your Child’s Tumbling Progress