Virtual Private Lessons

Drills=Skills! Stay focused on your tumbling goals outside of the gym. Now is the perfect time to really focus on your shapes, strength & conditioning to ensure you come back stronger than ever.
    • All lessons are 30 minutes in length at the rate of $18+hst per lesson.
    • Virtual lessons will include specific drills, shaping and conditioning to help achieve your tumbling goals.
    • At this time only private lessons are available.
    • You will be sent a zoom link when you book and in your reminder email.
    • Parents are responsible for ensuring athletes have a safe space to do their lesson-free of any hazards.
    • Athletes should have a mat (yoga mat or gymnastics mat) available.
    • Athletes should be fully warmed up (click this link for the PDF version of the warm up: CSR Virtual Private Lesson warm up) before their lesson begins.

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Tumbling Lessons

Covid-19 Update:  In gym lessons are back! At this time all lessons include strict distancing measures and precautions and are strictly non contact (no spotting). Tumble Tracks, air floors and mesh topped mats are currently not available for use. Shoes must be worn for all lessons at this time. 

The gym remains closed to spectators-athletes should arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of their lesson and wait outside the front door to be called in by their coach. 

Ensure that your pre-screening is filled out at least 1 hour before your lesson time:

Please note that when booking a semi private lesson you will be booking both spots in the lesson and will need to find another athlete to share the time with. 

Athletes can improve their skills quickly by investing in private tumbling lessons. Get one to one or one to two coaching and see how quickly you build strength, technique and skill. Want to work on a specific skill for a routine? Private tumbling is for you! These lessons are the perfect compliment to team practices or lessons – wow your coaches with your determination and hard work.
Please review the colour coding system below to ensure that your child is working with an appropriate coach for their skill level. You may book up a level but we do not allow booking with a lower level coach. 

  • RELEASE DATES: Lesson times will be released to the gym and general public on the 17th at approximately 6 p.m. every month.
  • Booking Restrictions: On the 17th of each month up to 3 lessons may be booked per athlete. As of the 20th of each month, parents may book as many lessons as they wish.
  • Cancellation Policy: 72 hours notice must be given when cancelling or rescheduling private lessons for non-emergency situations. Out of respect for our coaches time, last minute cancellations and rescheduling will not be permitted. In the event of an unplanned situation such as illness or injury we require 8 hours advance notice to both the gym ( as well as the coach the lesson has been booked with via email. Cancelling outside of these time constraints will result in loss of lesson fee. A reminder email will be sent to you in advance of the lesson to the email account you enter when booking, please note that no shows for lessons will not be eligible for refunds. We encourage families to join our Facebook group “CheerStrike – Private Lessons for Sale” if their child is unable to make a private for whatever reason you may sell the lesson to another member. 
  • Please note that you may cancel or reschedule your appointment directly through the link in your confirmation email.
  • Warm Up: At this time due to capacity restrictions athletes will no longer be permitted to self warm up. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson start time.


Green Level Private Tumbling Lessons are perfect for introductory level skills – cartwheels, back walkovers, front walkovers, round offs, beginning back handspring skills

Green Level Costs:

Privates: $28.00+hst for 45 mintues

Semi Privates (2 athletes): $19.00+hst per athlete for 45 minutes

*Coach Deb is available for 30 minute long private lessons exclusively for Tiny and Mini Athletes (ages 3-8). Please note that Coach Deb’s lessons are paid in cash at the time of the lesson ($25 for Privates and $15/athlete for semi privates)

Coach Deb Coach Maddy Coach Rachel L  Coach Sophia Coach Elayne

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White Level Private Tumbling Lessons are for Advanced Skills – back handsprings, back and front tucks, combining tumbling skills to max out level 2 and 3 standing and running tumbling.

White Level Costs:

Privates: $30.00+hst for 45 minutes

Semi Privates (2 athletes): $22.00+hst per athlete for 45 minutes

*Coach Hailey is a certified personal trainer and is able to do tumbling OR conditioning privates, please list in comments what type of private you would like.

Coach Alina Coach Kelly Coach Alana Coach Hailey* Coach Peyton  Coach Kiara

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Blue Level Private Tumbling Lessons are for Elite Tumbling Skills – back tucks, front tucks, aerials, layouts and twisting skills.

*Please note that bookings with coaches listed as restricted for only Level 3+ athletes until the 20th of the month. If she has any remaining times after the 20th they will be open for any athletes to book.

Blue Level Costs:

Privates: $33.00+hst for 45 minutes

Semi Privates (2 athletes): $24.00+hst per athlete for 45 minutes

Coach Nicole  Coach Alessia (Virtual Only) Coach Jenna*-Restricted

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*Time slots go quickly, do not delay in registering for your favourite coach! We offer many convenient times that fit anyone’s schedule*

Skill Level? If you are not sure what level your child is currently send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you

*30 minute Private Lessons are available by request, specifically for tiny aged athletes*