The Royal Court!

The following distinguished coaches lead our CheerStrike Royal Kingdom:

Lady Deborah Van Loon of the Tiaras, Monarchs and Sovereignty Kingdoms- [email protected]

Grand Duchess Michelle Sinclair of the Royal Highness, Reign and Heiress Kingdoms- [email protected]

Dame Jill Maloney of the Knights in Armour, Majesty and Legacy Kingdoms- [email protected]

Empress Peyton of the Heiress, Sovereignty and Empress Kingdoms- [email protected]

Princess Aurora of the Monarch and Nobility Kingdoms- [email protected]

Countess Kelly of the  Imperial, Aristocrats and Empress Kingdoms- [email protected]

Duchess Rachel P of the Divinity Kingdom- [email protected]

Baroness Rachel L of the Regency and Aristocrats Kingdoms- [email protected]

Queen Julia of the Aristocrats Kingdom- [email protected]

Our incredible staff who embody what it means to BE ROYAL!


Want to be a Royal Coach?

If you are passionate about the sport of cheer and the development of young athletes contact us today! We’re always looking for experienced, hard working, dedicated, and creative coaches and instructors for the many programs that run out of the CheerStrike Palace. Send us your resume today! [email protected]