Recreational Cheer combines lots of fun with important skill development

Recreational Classes

COVID-19 Update: We are excited to welcome back our Recreational families! At this time we are offering a limited number of classes for August. All classes will be non-contact with social distancing in place for the duration of the class and at all times while within the building. All classes are drop off and pick up only (parents are not permitted to enter the gym) and a daily self screening must be completed prior to the start of each class (Click Here). 

Choose recreational cheer as a lower commitment option to our competitive cheer program! With our family friendly schedule for Recreational Cheer, Parent and Tot, Kinder and Group Tumbling Classes we truly have something for everyone! CheerStrike classes are not subject to any annual registration fees or other hidden costs. 

Learn new skills and work together as a team towards an exciting routine to be performed at the last class. Each week the class will work on their cheer skills; jumps, stunting, tumbling/gymnastics and motions/dance. With an emphasis on fun and teamwork, we will ensure your child loves their weekly class, and can’t wait to get back to the Palace to be with their new friends each week.

At CheerStrike, our cheer & tumbling classes are coached by the same coaches who lead our competitive program, so your child will receive the same level of expertise we’re known for. Starting with the fundamentals and ensuring safe progressions, the group will build on their skills each week-all in preparation for their final performance when friends and family are encouraged to come and watch!

Here is what families are saying about our recreational program:

“I love the positive attitude and the fit for my daughter’s energy and personality. She loves it!”-S. Porter

“I Love the amount of attention and hands on help my daughter receives. She really loves her teachers!”-L. Thompson

Recreational Class Descriptions

We are proud to offer a large recreational cheer & tumbling program at CheerStrike. We offer lots of different options and have a class for everyone! If you have any questions about registration or our classes please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dress Code

Attire: Athletes/parents participating in parent & tot classes should wear athletic attire that they can move in, there are no specific dress code requirements for classes other than that bare midriffs are not permitted-if you are interested in purchasing CheerStrike gear for your class you can do so through our online proshop and pick up in stock items when you arrive at the gym:
Shoes: Please wear clean indoor shoes if possible, if not athletes may wear bare feet (sock feet are not permitted)

Kinder Programs

At CheerStrike we value the importance of providing quality instruction to every child who walks through our doors. We are passionate about teaching proper technique and strong basic skills to even our littlest Royals. Our Kinder program has grown exponentially in recent years and we are excited to share our love of cheer with athletes of all ages!

Parent & Tot: Boys and girls ages 18 months-3 years old Parent & Tot classes focus on fun and exploration of movement and gymnastics skills such as balance, jumping & coordination. Parents will actively participate with their children and should wear comfortable clothing that you can move in with bare feet or clean indoor shoes. 
Kinder Cheer: Boys and girls ages 3-5 years old Kinder Cheer is the perfect place for little ones who have big cheer dreams! Each athlete will get lots of personal attention in the development of early cheer skills as well as the listening and focus that it takes to one day be a great cheerleader. The programming is specifically designed for our youngest Royals, keeping it fun and playful, while they develop valuable physical skill.

Kinder Tumble: Boys and girls ages 3-5 years old In Kinder Tumble class, children will learn fundamental
gymnastics/tumbling skills while having lots of fun! There will be no cheer focus (stunting/cheer routine) in this class.

Ninja Class

This new class is designed for Boys and Girls ages 4-7. In Ninja class athletes will run, jump, bounce, climb, tumble and balance their way through various obstacles and activities. This class will provide a mix of structure and exploration and is ideal for children with lots of energy and an interest in tumbling.

Recreational Cheer By Age

Our age group specific classes are great for athletes who are new to cheer or who want to make sure they are in a class with other athletes of the same age! These classes cover the basics of cheer (stunting, tumbling, jumping & dance/motions) and the class will work towards a routine to be performed at their last class.

Tiny Recreational Cheer: Boys & Girls ages 5-6 years old
Mini Recreational Cheer: Boys & Girls ages 7-8 years old
Youth Recreational Cheer: Boys & girls ages 9-12 years old

Recreational Cheer By Level

These classes are the perfect place for athletes who have previously completed one or more sessions of Recreational cheer and are ready for more of a challenge. If you are unsure of which class to register for please contact us at or speak to your child’s coach-we will be happy to help!

Beginner Recreational Cheer:

This class is intended for children who have no previous cheer/tumbling experience. This class is a prerequisite for our Intermediate classes and will focus on learning the basics of cheer. 

Intermediate/Advanced Recreational Cheer:

This class is intended for children who have successfully completed the beginner recreational class or a previous CheerStrike Recreational Class at mini age or above and have been recommended to move on to the next level. This class will challenge participants with more difficult stunts, tumbling and routine skills. 

Minimum Skill Set: Bridge Kickover


Summer classes are a 4 week session from Monday August 10th until Monday August 31st.