Gotta Have it Clinics

These clinics have been so popular during our holiday breaks that we’ve decided to offer them year round! Come in for a focused small group clinic where everyone is working on the same specific goal. Keep checking back for more opportunities to work on those skills you’ve just gotta have!

Skill Specific tumbling clinics will involve drill circuits as well as spotting and free tumbling opportunities.

Routine readiness clinics will focus on building the stamina and endurance needed to get through your routine with ease! Athletes will do their routine tumbling and jumping in combination with conditioning to ensure that their technique is competition day ready!

Flyer Clinics will have athletes flying high with our stunt group of coaches. Athletes will cycle through flexibility and stability stations as well as trying new and exciting stunt skills with some great bases! This clinic is for both current flyers and those who just want to give it a try.